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originally posted November 11th, 2022!
doc n sir go out to see a meteor shower! 1,014 words!

chapter 1: meteor shower

“C’mon Mirai! Over here!”

The Doctor excitedly pulled Sasaki, who was now stumbling along, out of the tardis as he tried to keep up with the brunette.

“Okay okay -! Hold on!”

Finally being able to run by her side properly, Sasaki followed along the Doctor to .. who knows where. It wasn’t until they finally stopped that Sasaki was finally able to take in the scenery, to .. realize what he was looking at.

They were on a completely different planet, but one that surprisingly held oxygen the same as earth. The biggest and most noticeable difference .. the starry sky was so vibrant. So bright. Very much unlike the starry night sky on earth, which is usually dimmed by the light pollution but .. here?

“My god.”

“Isn’t it gorgeous, Mirai? I’ve been wanting to show you this place since forever.”

“Are - are those shooting stars?”

“Ah yes! The meteor shower! I wasn’t late!”

“Is this what you wanted to tell me about?”

“Well .. one half, yeah.”

“One half?”


“Then .. what's the second half?”

It takes the Doctor a moment to respond, cheeks flushing at the question as they nervously avert their eyes.

“I .. actually wanted to ask you if you wanted to dance with me. No pressure of course, it was just a silly thing I wanted to do maybe! I even have music! I know you don’t get comfortable dancing in front of people so I thought bringing you to a more private area could maybe bring you out of your shell-”


The Doctor shuts up, attention immediately on Sasaki. Opening her mouth then shutting it, it takes her a while to figure out something to say.

“.. really?”

“Yeah. You went through all the trouble, I might as well.”

“Almost sounds like you don’t want to.”

A quiet chuckle, the two of them get closer to each other.

“I promise you. I do.”

Doc takes out their phone, now turning on the music. They put on some slow, cozy music on their phone. Quickly putting their phone in their front pocket, Sasaki’s hands now make their way to the brunette’s waist, the Doctor’s wrap around the tall man’s neck. They looked at eachother with such a quiet wonder, before averting their eyes, now focusing on their feet. Both taking a deep breath .. the start to sway slowly side to side, going along the slow, jazzy music.

They danced slowly in a quiet solitude, everything absolutely quiet. The shooting stars now their audience, the universe almost seemed to be watching as these two danced. For the first time in forever, it truly feels like time has stalled. Like the universe wanted to keep this moment. Constantly being in a fast paced universe, with fast paced adventures, it’s almost a blessing. They kept dancing, their eyes still facing the ground.. However, it doesn’t take long for the Doctor to lean against Sasaki, sighing deeply as she does. They’re silent for a bit longer, Sasaki now running his hand through her hair before the Doctor speaks up again, breaking said silence.

“It’s so strange.”

“.. what is?”

“.. being like this, I suppose.”

The two of them were still dancing, Sasaki only looked down at the Doctor.

“I know I’m not exactly the best dance partner. I’m much too tall-”

“No, not that.”

Sasaki cocking an eyebrow up, he looks down at the Doctor confusingly.

“Then, what do you mean?”

Now only closing his eyes, it takes him a while to respond.

“Being held like this. Being loved and loving like this. I’m not really .. used to it.”

Sasaki doesn’t say anything. He can see there’s more that the Doctor wants to say, so.. he waits. Waits for her to gather their words.

“.. not to say I haven’t loved or been loved. I have done both! But .. it’s so different this time. I’ve never .. I’ve never loved this deeply before. I’ve never let myself love this deeply before.”

“.. why not?”

“It’s scary. Being who I am and all, I could lose anyone at a moment’s notice. I put walls up, especially after losing .. her. I couldn’t do it again. But even with her I knew I couldn’t love her.”

They stayed quiet for a little while, Doc’s eyes still closed as he’s held by Sasaki.

“.. what makes me so different?”

“… I got courage, I guess. I don’t know. It just .. blossomed. I couldn’t help it.”

Another silence.

.. then Sasaki warmly chuckles.

“You really couldn’t resist me, huh?”

“Oi, shut it.”

“Can’t believe it. Even timelords fall in love with me.”

“Oh, bloody hell.”

“Am I that hot?”

“Well- yes but- god, I open up and this is what I get?”

The Doctor pulls back, now looking up at Sasaki with a serious expression.

.. before they start chuckling, which they then burst out into laughter. Such a pure, honest to god laughter.

Once they start to quiet down however and their laughter dies down, Sasaki speaks up.

“I .. actually thought the same thing before. About feeling like I couldn’t love.”

“Really? You’re like.. the most loving person I’ve met. You are love, Mirai.”

“Maybe I am now, but when I was with him? Far from it. I wasn’t like .. hateful or anything. It’s just ..”

Sasaki vaguely gestures, trying to find his words

“He made me feel unloveable. Which made it hard to love people in fear I’d get hurt.”



“So then.. now I’ll ask you, I suppose. What made me different?”

“.. hm. Maybe the fact that you were actually a loving person. You didn’t expect anything back from me. Which .. I don’t know. Made me want to love you in return. You were always so kind .. so understanding. Even with my busy work schedule, and your busy alien timelord schedule, you .. made time for us. For - for me. It made me want to love again. To love you.”

“.. I’m glad you did. You have so much love to share, Mirai.”

The meteor shower had stopped by now, but the two haven’t stopped dancing.

“.. I’m glad I get to love you, Doc.”

“And I, you.”