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originally posted November 16th, 2022!
sir and mirio (father and son) discuss sir's relationship over ramen! 638 words :D

chapter 2: discussion over ramen

Mirio had been urging his father to take him out to a ramen place, really wanting some after being stuck in a hospital for quite a while. Since Sasaki didn’t have the heart to say no, he finally caved and took them to a small ramen place near the agency.

At this point in time, Sasaki and the Doctor had just started dating. He .. hadn’t known what Mirio thought of it. Mirio is his kid after all, and even though they’ve had Doc around for a while, and Mirio even noticed the tension between them, dating is a whole different thing. He wanted Mirio to be okay with it or just .. hear what sun had to say.

They both sat at a booth, across from each other. While they had both ordered, Sasaki started to tap and fidget with his fingers. He wasn’t sure how to bring it up, nor if he even should do it here. But .. it had to be brought up at some point. He wants his son to be okay.

While Sasaki had thought it over and was practically stuck in his own mind, the bowl of ramen being placed in front of him finally broke him out of his train of thought. It didn’t seem like Mirio minded, anyway.

“So,” Sasaki’s chopsticks tapping the bowl, Mirio now looking up at him from his bowl, already slurping on his ramen. “Uhm.”

“Uhm?” Mirio’s eyes shift away then back to his dad, his chopsticks lowering. “What’s up?”

“I need .. your opinion. On .. something.”

Mirio only looked at him oddly, now unsure on why his dad is acting so .. awkwardly?

“Y.. yeah?”

“What.. do you think of the Doctor and I .. dating?”


“Wh - what do you think of-“

“No no no, I heard you, dad.” sun says, now sitting up straighter. “Just- why are you asking me?”

Sasaki seems to be taken back in confusion, blinking at Mirio.

“Because you’re my kid..? I just .. sort of want to hear what you think.”

The both of them are silent for a moment, Sasaki taking a bite of his ramen, before he speaks up again.

“Mainly because, uh-“ he starts gesturing with his hands, trying to find words, “He’s been around for a while but only as, you know, my friend. You’ve spent time with him, and him with you, and you two seem to be doing alright but - but I want to hear from you. Before we get any more serious.”

Another silence. Another bite. Then Mirio speaks up.

“He’s a good person. I like them. He .. really makes you happy.” He says, slurping on more of his ramen before resuming, “I used to be able to count on my hands how many times you smiled!” With a bewildered expression, he gestures that Sasaki had smiled at least .. 7 times. “Most of them were with me.” Looking down at their hands, they then brought their hands down. “But .. you’ve really been smiling more. Laughing more. I think he’ll do you good.” Mirio ends with a smile.

Sasaki knew Mirio was going to say something along the lines of this but .. something about it still made him feel relieved.

“So, you don’t mind if he starts joining us at home?”

“Of course not!” Mirio smiles brightly. “It’ll make it less lonely. Another person you get to share pancakes with. Haha, it’s sort of like I get two dads now.” Says Mirio, finishing his bowl of ramen. Though, it seems like this comment got Sasaki choking on his ramen, startling Mirio.

“Oh god-! Sir I’m sorry!!”

“No it’s -“ he coughs, “it’s okay- don’t worry,”

It becomes silent once again, except for Sasaki’s now quieting cough. Mirio can’t help but chuckle.

“It’s a little funny how easy it is for you to get flustered.”

“Shut up.” Sasaki chuckles.