mirio time

where i talk about mirio togata. maybe.


this is still possibly a work in progress (as of 4/24/2024) due to trying to figure out how to properly format this in a way that makes sense.

finally! the timewarp page! the crossover ship that lead me to wanting to make a website that archives everything regarding them. this is just a page explaining who they are and whatever else i feel like adding regarding the two.

what is timewarp?

timewarp is the ship name my dearest friend sophie came up with for the silly crossover jokeship between Sir Nighteye (from My Hero Academia, who we refer to as 'sir') and the Tenth Doctor. (from Doctor Who, who we refer to as 'doc') it's something that, because of it's connection to mirio (because of sir nighteye), has stuck with me since 2021.

it all came from her wanting to merge her two interests together, and it sorta became a more Realized Ship when i started to bounce ideas with her for the two. their Official Anniversary (the day we both started to indulge in this ship) is on December 13th! the first year we indulged in this was on 2021, though it was near the end of 2021. christmas is also another important day for timewarp, as it's when i first shared artwork of the two. privately, of course, but they went public a little more later on. it could probably come off as "cringe" or "weird" to others but we really don't care LOL

my favorite aspect of this is the time traveler x prophet thing going on between the two (sir nighteye being able to see the future under certain circumstances and the doctor being able to time travel with the tardis)

there's a whole lot of lore we've developed between the two, their story being shared through fanfic, fanart, and fan comics (most of which, except the art, is on here!)