mirio time

where i talk about mirio togata. maybe.

quick disclaimer!
some of the info gathered here is from the tardis fandom wiki! i really dislike the fandom wiki as a site, but a lot of the info there about the doctor is quite useful.

and, one more thing:
this page is filled with personal headcanons. this page is about my specific doctor, depicted within my au comics.

The Doctor
A.K.A The Tenth Doctor

The Doctor, also known as The Tenth Doctor, is a centuries-old alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels in time and space in the TARDIS, along with being Mirio Togata's parent and Sir Nighteye's romantic partner.

Personal Description

Birthday: ???
Age: 903
Species: Timelord
Gender: Genderfluid/Non-binary
Pronouns: Any Pronouns
Orientation: Panromantic, Asexual
Height: 185.4 cm (6'1)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: ???
Quirk: N/A


Status: Alive
Birthplace: Gallifrey
Family: Mirio Togata (Child)
Mirai Sasaki (Partner)
Occupation: N/A
Affiliation: N/A
Fighting Style: Running!

First Appearance

Series Debut: Series 1, Episode 13 (The Parting of the Ways)

Tenth Doctor fullbody


Tenth Doctor halfbody