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the day time went backwards

Originally shared January 12, 2022!
The first Tenth Doctor x Sir Nighteye (timewarp) fanfic I wrote! 3,396 words!

Rarely anything remotely interesting ever happens with Sasaki's life. Everyday is mostly the same; keeping up with file work, making sure both Mirio and Deku are still on track with both hero and school work, and just overall making sure the agency doesn't fall apart while he's there.
Today however, becomes one of the most important and most interesting days of his life. All thanks to one strange man he meets in a coffee shop.

Rarely anything remotely interesting ever happens with Sasaki's life. Everyday is mostly the same; keeping up with file work, making sure both Mirio and Deku are still on track with both hero and school work, and just overall making sure the agency doesn't fall apart while he's there. Sure, he gets the occasional villain he gets to fight but that's not as common as you think it is. And when there isn't much to do in his time, the days where he gets to get out of his office and be able to work at the same time are some of the most exciting days. Mundane, but an exciting kind of mundane. Today was one of those days. He had gotten his computer in its carrying case, changed into some casual wear, and went down to the local cafe. Nothing of note happens here, he just orders a black coffee, sits down, and goes through emails and other important matters. Today was supposed to be one of those days..

It was a quiet, sunny day. A day like any other, really. Sasaki had just sat down as he set up his laptop to work on some documents needed for Deku's work study, as he'd just gotten the recommendation to take him in. The cafe was relatively small, the smell of coffee along with its walls covered in band posters and music records being it's most noticeable features. A gentle and humble energy filled the area, a good reason why Sasaki liked this place. It wasn't well known, perfect for Sasaki to hide away from unwanted attention without being isolated. It was filled with quiet conversations and mumbling, Sasaki absolutely focused on his work while sipping his coffee. He had taken a habit to listen to his surroundings for background noise, maybe eavesdrop a little. However, his focus, along with the focus of others, got disrupted when a loud beeping started playing throughout the small cafe. Most of the people, including Sasaki, look up to find the origin of the noise.

"Oh! Sorry, that's me!" says a man in a brown trench coat. The man had fumbled to get a machine out of his pocket as he got up, practically jumping to the register. "I've got to go! Thank you for the tea, it was lovely! I'll be back tomorrow!" Before he tips some money and runs straight out the door. Now that the beeping had stopped, it didn't take long for everyone to get back into their conversations. Weirdos like this pop up sometimes, but something about this had interested Sasaki. Taking a small glance at the television, there was an alien invasion going on. This wasn't big news, it was very similar to a villain attack but .. there he was. That same man. How did he get there so fast? And as he looked around.. why was he the only one who seemed to notice? Sasaki thought he could just get back into his work and forget about it; it was just a one time occurrence, he believed. That was very far from the truth however, as he couldn't forget for just one moment,

Who was that man?

Sasaki had decided to come in the next day as well, rarely ever coming in two days in a row. He had that man to blame, something about it just .. leading him back here. Now closing the cafe door as he entered, he looked around to find the man. It seems like they weren't here yet ..

The barista greets Sasaki with a warm smile, "Welcome, what would you like to order sir?"

Now walking up to the register, "One black coffee please. Oh and one of those sugar cookies please." He says with ease. Might as well treat himself today.

"Alright! Would that be everything?"

"Yep, that's everything."

"Alright! That'll be 5 dollars and 18 cents."

As Sasaki inserted the card into the chip reader, he took out a 5 dollar bill.

"And uh.. if that man from yesterday, trenchcoat with the beeping machine, comes in today.." he hands the barista his 5 dollar bill. "Tell him his drink is paid for. Anything extra is yours to keep."

"I'll make sure to do that. Your drink will be out in a minute." They say, smiling as they hand Sasaki the sugar cookie. "Enjoy your day!"

Sasaki thanks them before heading to his usual seat, sitting down as he sighs. This is stupid. This is a man he's never met, a curious and strange man. Doesn't know his name, his profession .. all he knows is whatever he saw on the television yesterday; so then why is he so curious about this person? Sasaki took out his computer, the barista handing his coffee as he started to get on with his work. Once he started to get into a rhythm that worked out, that's when he saw them. The strange man in a trenchcoat. He tried to keep as much focus as he can on his work but ..

"Oh! That man over there paid for your drink." Said the barista, Sasaki now glancing up from his computer as he looks up at the strange man. Giving him a small wave, he gets back to his work. "It'll be out in a minute."

The strange man, now looking at Sasaki, smiles brightly as he walks over to Sasaki's booth. As interesting as he found them, he really didn't want to talk to him. Sasaki just hoped he could admire or .. something from afar. He had work to finish.

"Is this seat taken?" He asks, pointing to the seat across from him. Sasaki only shakes his head, gesturing that he can sit there if he'd like. The man now sits down, a smile still plastered on his face. Still working on his computer, the two of them didn't do much talk. It really seemed like the strange man really wanted to talk though, he seemed rather lonely. It wasn't until the man got his drink that the two of them finally started to talk. Fumbling with the cup in hand, the man finally said something.

"Thank you! For the drink, I mean. You really didn't have to do that." The strange man sighs, taking a sip from his warm cup.

Sasaki hadn't expected a thank you or .. anything really. Despite them now sitting together, all of this was unexpected.

Now looking up from his computer, he gives him a small nod. "Oh uhm .. of course. It was nothing, really." He says, "Just thought it'd be something nice to do."

The strange man's smile doesn't seem to falter at all, seeming so welcoming and warm. "It means a lot to me." He starts off, "It's so hard to make any sort of acquaintance here. Everyone's always so .. busy." They seem to scoff, now leaning back onto the booth as he drinks his tea. "It was a lot easier back in London."

"You're from London?" Now questions Sasaki, bringing his laptop lid a little more down as he showed interest. "Your Japanese sounds so .. flawless. There's no accent or anything."

It seems to sort of throw off the strange man a little, almost as if he didn't know that. "Oh! Oh yeah yeah uhm - Just took a lot of classes, big learner you see. Say - what's your name?"

Sasaki could only chuckle at what he can only assume to be his attempt at changing the topic. "I'm Sasaki Mirai. You may call me Sasaki. What's yours?"

"Name's 'The Doctor.'"

"'The Doctor?'"

"Yep, that's my name."

"Your name is 'The Doctor.'"


"That's .. such a peculiar name. Is it a sort of hero name?"

"Nope. That's my actual name."

The Doctor? What kind of person is named 'The Doctor?' He decides to shake it off, now closing his laptop as he rubs his chin a bit.

"Alright then.. Doctor. It's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too. I remember you from yesterday, you know. But I'm sure you do too. You really stuck in my mind, by the way. Couldn't stop thinking about you for some reason, like something was .. pulling me back here to you."

What? What sort of nonsense was this man on?
".. Is this because I'm Sir Nighteye and you noticed? Or do you want some sort of autograph?" He says, only assuming what he could think of from the top of his head.

"What? No no no it's just - remember the machine from yesterday?"

"The loud beeping machine?"

"Yes! Exactly! You see, what this machine does," The Doctor starts, now pulling the machine out of his pocket, "It finds alien technology, sort of like a metal detector! It starts beeping when something is nearby, usually a 500 to 600 mile radius. I know, not a lot. This is what has been helping me in my most recent case."

Sasaki could only give him a confused look before finally sitting back. He's really interested in this now.

"And you're telling me this .. why?"

The Doctor could only smile before he looked at him more directly.

"I stuck onto your mind too, didn't I? I could see it in your eyes. Why else would you pay for my drink?"

Sasaki squinted his eyes, now crossing his arms. ".. maybe because I wanted to be kind to a stranger."

"Aw come on!" He laughs with a snarky smile. "We both know that isn't true."

He could only sigh, letting the Doctor know that yeah, he's right.

"Alright, but that still doesn't explain why you're telling me this."

The other now smiling, he leans forward.

"I want you to help me."

"Help you?"

"Mhm! We obviously have some sort of connection, might as well come with me." He says with a smile, before he starts to pull back and show a little hesitation. "Only if you want to of course. It could be dangerous and I understand if you're busy. I'm sure I could do it alo-"

"You haven't let me respond and you're already backing off. Are you scared of me already?" Sasaki teased.

"What? No! I just don't want to force you into this. It can get really scary, you know. Death is possible"

"Doctor. I'm a pro hero. I don't get scared off easily. I fight for a living."

"Pro hero? Like - those heroes I see outside that fight all the time?"

Now nodding, he hums. "Yeah, I do that. Do - do you not recognize the hair?"

The Doctor thinks for a moment, hissing. ".. and if I say no ..?"

He chuckles, a smile finally cracking onto his face. "It's so rare that I meet someone who doesn't know who I am. Usually the hair gives it away." He now reaches out for a handshake, adjusting his glasses with his other hand. "I'm Sir Nighteye. Nice to meet you."

"Doesn't ring a bell. Sounds cool though! Coolest one I've heard, that's for sure." He says, shaking his hand nonetheless.

"The coolest one? Sounds like you're ranking our names." He chuckles. The Doctor himself starts to laugh, shaking his head.

"Not ranking them! Just think it sounds cool!" A smile so bright, he keeps talking, "My favorite before yours was Ingenium, really feels like a comic book hero! But yours .. Sir Nighteye .. it just sounds cool."

"You're saying my name is cooler than a comic book hero's name?"

"It just fits! Wait wait - is it okay if I guess your power - I mean - your quirk from just your name?"

Sasaki could only chuckle before he nodded, letting the Doctor spew answer after answer. Manipulating the night, having the ability to see in the dark, something to do with the stars .. lots of answers but he still didn't get any of them right. It didn't take long before the Doctor finally gave up and slumped in his seat, rubbing his face in defeat.

"Alright alright, you got me! I've listed everything from the top of my head that could possibly fit your name .."

"You want me to tell you?"

"Yes! I'd love to know!"

It really took this man that long to guess and not get any of them right .. Well, it does make a little sense. The way his quirk looks and works are really different. Sasaki smiles before speaking up again, "Well then, I suppose you've earned it. My quirk is called Foresight. Basically, I can see into anyone's future as long as I touch and look into my target's eyes. I can see as far as I want for just an hour."

The Doctor blinks in surprise, his face just covered in awe. He stays silent for a moment before he leans forward, hand now on top of Sasaki's own.

"Can I see it in action?"

This catches Sasaki off guard, not expecting this from his new acquaintance. Hesitation forms in his eyes, looking away for the Doctor's eyes before he looks away, shaking his head. The Doctor seems to catch up really quickly,

"Scared you're going to see something you can't change?"

Sasaki's attention goes from his cup back up to the Doctor. "What - ? What did you say?"

The Doctor looks behind him towards the door.

"Say, you want to take a walk with me? I have something that'll change your view on the world." Looking back at Sasaki, a mischievous smile now on his face .. how could Sasaki say no? He sighs, pretending to think for a moment ..

"Well, you've already taken any focus I had away from me. Might as well, right?" He sighs, smiling as he puts his computer away in it's carrying case. The other smiles, now standing up as he walks to the register, placing a tip into the tip cup. Now making his way to the exit, he could hear the Doctor saying his thanks before they both start heading out. This really is the most fun Sasaki has had in a really long time with an acquaintance, all of his other work buddies tend to be busy with work or other friends. Especially after his falling out with All Might, he has only gotten lonelier throughout the years. Sure, Mirio and Deku are there with him now but .. he wants a friend his age.

"What're you thinking about, Sasaki?" He interrupts, walking in front of the other as he starts to lead the way.

Now broken away from his thoughts, he shakes his head. "Nothing it's just .. it's been a while since I've hung out with anyone. Not exactly sure what to say."

The other only smiles before he responds. "Really? Honestly .. same here. Like I said while in the cafe, it's hard to make any sort of acquaintances or friends here. Everyone is on some sort of schedule and .." He trails off, seeming like he wanted to add something but just .. couldn't. Sasaki understood however, seeing the distant sadness in their eyes.

".. you have the fear of losing someone?"

"Wh - how did you ..?"

"I know that look anywhere. I get that feeling, I do."

The Doctor could only blink at Sasaki as they see him hold onto the strap of his carrying case a little tighter. Doc hums, looking down as he stuffs his hands into his pockets. ".. yeah. But I mean - it was awfully easy to talk to you. Like with the connection and everything .. makes it seem like it was just meant to be." He says, a smile on his face as he keeps leading the way.

"Maybe." Sasaki hums, now lifting his head a little higher. The Doctor stays quiet for a little before he picks a topic up again.

"Say, when we were talking about your hero name, you make it seem as if you're popular or something. Am I supposed to know you?"

"You really don't know who I am? Sir Nighteye?" The Doctor merely shakes his head. This really piqued his interest. Though, he sighs anyway.

"I'm All Might's former sidekick."

Now that seemed to catch the Doctor's attention. The Doctor blinked in surprise as his gaze turned back to Sasaki, "All Might had a sidekick? How did I not know this?"

Chuckling softly, he can only smirk. "Oh, so you know All Might?"

"How could I not? He's practically plastered onto every building and wall in Japan! I see him everywhere, I can't escape him!"

"You can say that again."

They walk in a small silence, before both laughing together. Sasaki had barely ever met anyone that he warmed up to this quickly. Energy now settling back down, Sasaki looked to where they were walking, unsure of where either of them were going. "Where are we going anyway? It sort of seems like you're leading me somewhere."

"Remember when I said I'm tracking alien technology and I asked if you wanted to join me and you practically said yeah?"

"I did not say yeah-"

"I can tell you wanted to come, don't deny it." He says, looking at Sasaki as they get a small chuckle out of him.

"Okay okay fine, you're right. But yeah, I do. What's that got to do with this?"

"Well, the machine I used seemed to have broken and I only realized while at the cafe. I need to repair it and the only place I can safely do that is in the Tardis."

Blinking in confusion, Sasaki asks, "The what?"

"The Tardis."

"What in the hell is a .. tardis?" Shaking his head in confusion, they had just reached their destination. A small alleyway with a blue police box near the end.

"Do you want to see for yourself?"

Sasaki slows down, stopping in place as the Doctor happily skips towards the police box. He was obviously confused, having no idea what in the world this was doing here. Sasaki could only assume that this was the Tardis.

".. this is the Tardis?"

"Yep! Stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space!" Now leaning against the box, he smiles warmly. "A time machine." This shocks Sasaki, not expecting the Doctor to say that at all.

"Hold on, did you say time machine?"

"Remember when I said I have something that'll change your view on the world? This is what I meant. Even if we can't go back in our own timelines, this will show you that time isn't set in stone." He says, opening the doors. "Whaddya say? Come and take a small peak." Sasaki hesitates, the Doctor standing on the side of the door as he welcomes in the other.

".. what the hell?" Sasaki takes a look around before he looks back at the Doctor. "Did you lace my coffee?" This catches the Doctor off guard, his eyes widening in surprise as he stifles a chuckle. That's the first time they've heard that about the Tardis.

"You're not going to comment on it's size?"

"I could care less about the size - what the hell is a time traveler doing here? Time travelers are real? There's absolutely no way."

"You're one to talk. You can see the future!"

"That's different! I can only see! But you - you can interact with the future and the past and - I can't. My future is set in stone once I see it."

The Doctor sets down the broken machine onto the Tardis, looking at the machine before he looks up at Sasaki. "I could fix this machine another time, it's not urgent. Say .. what do you think about going on a little trip? I can prove you wrong."

This offer was so tempting, it really was. "I've .. I've got work to return to. I'm a pro hero and a mentor, people are depending on me."

"And people are depending on me too, but I can always return you back before it gets too late. After all, I'm a time traveler."

Sasaki thinks about it for a bit, hesitation still very real in his eyes. "You promise you won't return me too late?"

"I promise."

Still standing there, he sighs and places his case down. "Might as well, This is the most fun I've been having in such a long time. I can't just .. turn it down." The Doctor could only smile so brightly before he closes the Tardis doors, pulling Sasaki close to him.

"Pick a time and place! Anytime and anywhere, it's your pick! Under one condition - it has to be fun."

This was going to be one hell of a ride.