mirio time

where i talk about mirio togata. maybe.

my about page

wowww my about page gasp!!! just a bit about me

you can call me miri

or any of my other names if you know them

i'm autistic, mirio and timewarp being one of my special interests (my little pony being the other), and am 19 years old

i mainly go by they/them, but lu/luna, sun/suns, sol/sols, and xe/xym are fine too. elle/ellos are what i prefer in spanish haha

this is just going to be my way of archiving and keeping all my art for mirio + timewarp because keeping art on social media is getting on my nerves and i wanted something fully customizable, especially since i have many thoughts about these little guys

i do want to say, i'm not really into BNHA anymore LOL i left the fandom and stopped keeping up, about the same time i started doing silly timewarp family stuff, mainly bc mirio and sir nighteye are just characters that stuck onto me and became my special interest

soooooooo i am learning code along the way just to be able to do this
eventually i'll also share my original story/comic though it's being debated if that'll be shared here or another site haha

feel free to sign my
n chat in my chatbox!!!

also, feel free to link back to my site and tell me if u did .......... i think that would be awesome (i would b happy to link back)

websites that i think r cool


okay time for blinkies

and some stamps too

i made those